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The Web is my Arena

  • About Me

    About Me

    I'm creative, I'm curious, and I've got style...
    I'm laid-back yet passionate; yes, I've got the drive...
    Defying dreams n originality; I'm on this new high...
    I'm a DJ, a music lover, yet, the best at design!

  • My Passion

    My Passion

    Designing has always been my passion. To me, it’s about adding ‘life’ to abstract doodles, thoughtless scribbles and untidy scrawls. It comes inherently almost, whether it’s decorating a room, playing a guitar or creating a website. It’s one of those essential abstracts that defines what I do.

  • My Style

    My Style

    Allyscope brings to you not just plain ol’ eye-candy, but intelligent and effective design. So if you’re looking to blend your creative ideas or funky out-of-the-box ideas with intricate design, I promise you just that, and more...


Although there are several who would vouch for the intelligent, vibrant and unique designs that Allyscope brings to you, I would prefer if you take a look at some of the work and be your own judge.

Vital Start Health

Vital Start Health

Virtual Therapy

Vital Start Health


Engineering Services

Salt and Pepper

Salt & Pepper

F&B Consultant

Vital Start Health

Ind/Eur Film Connections

Film Location Analysis

Construction Acadmi

R.F. Wilkins Consultants

Dev and Mgmt Consulting Firm



Women in Radio & Television

Vital Start Health


Digital Marketing Agency

Mutual Fund Bazaar

Milestone Financial Services

Financial Services

VonGeyer Consulting

VonGeyer Consulting

Learning Consultants

Vital Start Health


Learning and Development

Zen Finance

Zen Finance

Property Finance Specialist

The Chill Grill

The Chill Grill

Food Recipe Blog

Terre des hommes – Germany India Programme

Terre des hommes

Children’s aid organisation

Living Products

Relex Health

Healthcare Redefined

Deeproots Design

Deeproots Design

Landscape Design

Footloose Gypsy

Footloose Gypsy

Adventure Travel


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Ecommerce is the categorization of any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of data across the Internet.

UI UX Responsive Design

A great UI is not a great UI for all. The first step of the UI design process is to determine your target demographic, platform, branding elements,etc. UX is the impression the end user has when interfacing with a system.


WordPress is the number one CMS, (content management system), on the planet. According to Matt Mullenweg, 25% of the websites in the world now use WordPress in 2015.


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